Our client, a highly successful broker at a renowned commercial real estate firm, embarked on a new venture by starting his own boutique brokerage. His goal was to offer bespoke services, drawing on his extensive experience and strong connections within the region. As a startup with a lean operation, he needed a brand identity that would showcase his commitment to providing exceptional local client service, while distinguishing his firm from the larger, more established competitors.

Our solution was to design a logo and visual identity that embodies a hands-on, community-focused ethos, ideal for navigating the commercial real estate market in Tennessee. The branding encapsulates the essence of a trusted advisor who understands local nuances and possesses the acumen for managing intricate deals. Our design brings our client's vision to the forefront, emphasizing the superior, individualized service and deep insights that his previous corporate environment lacked. The supplementary materials we developed are in perfect harmony with this identity, underscoring the bespoke, trust-centric approach that makes our client's firm unique.
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